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Emerald Beach Studio - Wood Tables and Sculptures

Fully Sculpted Wood Tables  Most have no Joints   Thats right, no joints glue or screws

Natural Camphor Laurel Coffee Table 42 $4000

SculptedNatural Camphor Wood Designed FurnitureNatural Wood Furniture


This natural wood furniture design is handmade and highlights fantastic fiddle back grain.

1800x1300x520high coffee table 75kg

Sculptured Australian Hardwood   Tallowwood Dining Table 70 $2000

Handmade solid natural wood furnitureIndividual Oz Design

Goanna sculpted into dining table 1800x1100 oval, 730high 85kg

Sculptured Mortonbay Fig Coffee Table  24 $3000 On special for $2000 this month

Solid natural fantastic furnitureBespoke Designs

Unique sculptured, fully natural wood furniture, handcrafted coffee table, with glass inserted.      1400 x1200 x480high coffee table 90kg

Bluegum Australian Hardwood Coffee Table  53 $1800

Australian hardwood sculpted coffee table


This natural wood table captures frogs hanging out in Coldwater creek. Sculptables finishes are durable. No Joints
1650x650x510 high coffee table. 80kg. Kids love sculptured wood furniture

Wall sculpture picture stone 

Wall Sculpture  Large Tiger Eye Picture Stone  with Elm Wood Sculpted Arm 73 $3500

The man size arm relates the size of this 12mm thick gemstone

Tiger eye stone is designed to be easily removed by releasing a hidden timber wedge.

When wedge and picture stone are removed, the holes for mounting to the wall are accessible.

After viewing stone in sunlight, and being gob-smacked, the picture stone is easily and securely replaced into the sculpted arm by using the long timber wedge.

The arm has been refined and clear finish applied since the image was shot

Australian Hardwood      Sculptured Red Gum 38 Coffee Table   Sold

Australian Redgum sculpted coffee tablefreedom design furniture

All Australian Red Gum becomes natural wood furniture. Graceful flowing lines and handcrafted from indestructible Australian hardwood timber capable of centuries of use.

1200x 700x 420high coffee table  70kg

Australian Hardwood Dining Table   Sculptured Red Gum 57 $3500

Sculptured freedom furniture designIndividually Designed

Australian red gum dining table, completely sculpted inside and out, with perfect leg room for 6 people. No Joints Bevelled 1/2" thick tempered glass top

Featuring "housed in" Stainless Steel braided wire, moves this table into the 21st century, but still captures the old handmade sculptured charm.

1800 x 1100 x 710high

Sculptured Camphor Laurel 74 $4000

Camphor Laurel natural wood freedom sculpted furnitureIndividually Designed

Camphor Laurel. Can you believe it is handmade from one piece of log? No Joints
1700 x 800 x 550high 100kg Big coffee table

Sculptured Camphor Laurel 19 $2000

Fantastic Camphor Laurel natural wood coffee tableBespoke Designs

Camphor Laurel is a highly prized magnificently figured and multi-coloured timber.

1500x850x470high coffee table 85kg No Joints

Sculpted Australian Hardwood       Red Gum Dining  sold

Original fantastic Oz design freedom furniture
Two swivel chairs and dining table all supported on three legs, designed for comfortable private dining.

Very heavy steel hinge shafts with bronze bushes for the swivel chair supports, bolted into specially strong sculpted bolt housings.

Two strong steel bands are fitted with a special rubber section to bed the glass.

Fully sculpted  Red Cedar mirror hall stand 61 $2500

Fantastic sculpted Red Cedar natural wood hall standCedar hall stand development stage

Cedar stump hallstand/vanity mirror. Water earth fire reflection theme. (Read story)

Utility areas for shoes, bags, keys, umbrella mobiles, jewellery and personal sculpture plinths.

Fully sculpted Grey Gum mirror hallstand 69 $2000

Solid thick slab has mirror fitted into tilted chainsaw slot

Mirror Hall Stand

Mirror Hall Stand

Exquisite piece sculpted from a magnificent Grey Gum features an exotic Banksia shelf. 

Ironbark Coffee Table with magazine shelf 63 $600

Ironbark coffee table with shelfFreedom design furniture

1300 x 510 x 500high No Joints


Sculptables are passed for export worldwide by Australian quarantine.

Inching my way

Inching my way

I need lift         Blackbutt 62 $5000

Marra Mamba Tiger Eye Picture Stone Wall Sculpture

Large wall sculpture of gemstone and wood. Wood is Blackbutt. Stone is tiger eye, tiger iron, jade combination. A magnificent piece of rare stone.

Wings are 2meters wide Title, Gemstone is huge and 12mm thick. Fantastic value for such a large rare stone.

El Bulli 65 $1600

Steel welded sculpture on wooden plinth

El Bulli weighs in at 5kg mounted on a Blue Gum plinth. Finished in a black enamel, rub back, then clear rust resistant coat. Method is 4 threaded bars extend through the Blue Gum plinth and up each leg and welded to the body. Steel is further welded in place for muscle tone, tail, eyes, horns etc. Undoing four housed nuts can release El Bulli from the Blue Gum plinth.

Mango 56 $2000
Sculpted Mango Dining Table

Handmade sculptures designed into dining table

Dining table seats six (Glass not shown)

1800x1100 oval table, 730high 85kg

Cradled Pilbara Tiger Eye 64 $3750

Marra Mamba Tiger Eye Wall Sculpture

The basis for this concept was that of showing the stones thickness, and the natural edges of the raw boulder.

Hung by a 10mm chain set with the post being 100 x 100 shows the size of this magnificent gemstone.

Picture stone and sculpture combination gives this natural occurring art the three dimensional presentation it so richly deserves.

We accept holding deposits.

Champion Award "Volcano" 66 $2400

Champion Oz design freedom furniture

S Maclean furniture design No Joints

Peoples Choice Award at "Sculpture in the Gaol" 67 $7000

6 Seater Camphor Laurel Dining Table  No Joins   Recycled from Urunga Primary School

Handmade Camphor Laurel dining table

Handmade Camphor Laurel dining table

S Maclean freedom furniture design

Hibiscus flower theme table formed from Squiggly Gum root in progress

Squiggly Gum first cut with Stephen and Peter

Craning off second cut

Discussing design options

Surfaced to establish a flat datum

Sculpted dining table progressing

Strengthened by a hidden circumferential stainless cable

Click for larger top view

This exceptional Sculptable will be placed with a 12mm toughened glass top to spaciously seat 10 diners. Click on YouTube link to see a short video of the fully finished table, before removal from the vertical lathe.

Hibiscus Dining Table won Peoples Choice Award at Sculpture in the Gaol Exhibition 68 $12,000

Hibiscus table in Gallery under test run

We test run tables in our Gallery for quality during fun nights  ON SPECIAL REDUCED TO $12,000


Nesting Hollows

Sculptables create nest hollows for

Sugar Gliders   Possums   Parrots   Kookaburras   Owls   Native bees, and all other native fauna.

Cat furniture, dog kennels, rabbit, guinea pig, and reptile hollows can also be created.

                                 No hollows are taken from native forests

 All hollows are chainsaw sculpted by Stephen Maclean, using timber reclaimed from our local urban forest around Emerald Beach.

With thick high quality Australian timber, low toxic wood glue, internal ladder, inspection door for easy monitoring, decorative natural perches, mean Sculptables natural style nest hollows will give lasting value.

The nesting hollow comes with an easy fastening system to aviaries, trees, posts or buildings, or sit on benches.


We hope you have enjoyed the Sculptured Furniture Art Gallery of Natural Wood Furniture

Clients are invited to visit Sculptables Studio and Gallery at 29 Emerald Heights Drive, Emerald Beach, NSW.

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